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There are situations when you just want to convey a message in you Mother Tongue.Although the person you are sending a mail knows English very well ,but the feeling is just brilliant when you say something in your native language.

People in India have been writing mails in their languages using third party tools such as online transliteration engines,activating different language keyboard layout,or some software and mail extensions but now Gmail gives you freedom to write in Indian languages directly.

Mail in 5 Indian Languages

Google Blog and Gmail Blog ,both announced the new feature to write in five different Indian Languages.The secret behind the feature is transliteration engine.

select indian language in gmail

Presently five languages are supported-Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam — and you can select the language of your choice from the drop-down list next to the icon.

Many Bloggers (I think both blogs are owned by the same person,but there are more people having the same opinion) are saying that Google is arrogant as it says Hindi typing is a new feature while they are able to do so since years.

The Google Blog exactly says-

the launch of a new feature in Gmail that makes it easy to type email in Indian languages.

Still ,lets be thankful to Google as the feature that was possible using hacks and other services is now available directly.

I was able to compose a message in Hindi but couldn’t set the subject in Hindi.Perhaps Google wants to keep subjects in English only.For typing in Hindi or any supported language you have to write in English as you pronounce them.For example –

Gmail typing in Hindi

the starting word in the above mail is the result of typing “aaj”.Now Enjoy your own language.

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