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About This Blog

This blog discusses about the latest technology,Internet,Software tools and tips to help you in tech needs.There is nothing you can’t do in a computer- from animation to AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs-almost anything is possible on computers.Just what do you need is Resource (guide-tips-tools) to complete your task.Internet is a vast resource and just like any other resource (like books) ,it is not quite easy to find.Yes-there is Google and hence this blog-just to provide you tips ,tools,guides and other resource.

About the Blog Name-

The name SyncNext is a combination of words SYNC and NEXT.

The word SYNC is derived from the word “Synchronization” which means ‘you are moving together’  with the reference.

The word Next symbolizes  anything which is ‘ahead’ of you and here it references to Technology,Internet and Computers.

In Toto ,SYNCNEXT.com will try to get  you   in sync with the latest from the world of Computers,Internet and technology.

About Me

I am an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer by qualification living in India.vbb is my nick name(nobody calls me by that name-it’s only me who likes to be called by this short code  :-) ).