Now “Undo” on Mail too!



Almost all softwares which involve some kind of editing have “undo” button/command just to revert to the original if we don’t like the change.However emails, till now have been something like “unstoppable”-once you press send.You send a mail to your boss and then just after 2 seconds  find a terrible spelling mistake.What next?

Till now there was nothing to stop that mail from being delivered to your boss but now Gmail gives you a “5 second” period during which you can just “Undo-send”.

Gmail labs looks much like a chemistry lab.They are always trying and testing new features.And their recent product is “undo send” which allows you to cancel sending a mail if you react fast-before 5 seconds.


If you press the undo button before 5 seconds, you will get a message that sending has been undone as shown below.


Gmail already has a feature which tries to check whether you are conscious enough to send a mail-actually made to prevent  “Friday late night drunk mail ”.

Read the official news here.

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