Open Almost all Office Files with Google Docs



Not so long before Google made it possible to view pdf right inside the browser. This can be done when you get a pdf file in your Gmail.However if you are browsing any other site and get a word or pdf  document , clicking it will open your local MS word /Adobe Reader application.But what if you want to open all such files in Google docs?

Here comes a Firefox add on to help you.Open in Google docs is an add on which lets you open almost all formats supported by Google Docs right inside the browser.

This will surely help people who don’t want to install heavy office application on their PC/Laptop.It also will even speed up the process if you have a slow PC but a fast Internet connection.However this add on is at experimental phase , so it may not work for some.And for them, there is one more add on called “Open It online” which does the same thing plus supports Zoho,ThinkFree etc and online image editing too.

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