How to Become a Gmail Master



Gmail is unarguably the best mail considering its features,usability and seamless integration with all Google services.So nowadays everyone has a Gmail account.But everyone uses  it differently.

Gmail can be extended beyond a normal webmail with many tips and tricks which many people don’t use.People keep searching for tips and tricks for Gmail but no more searching now as we have  official tips at

Gmail Official Guide-Become a Gmail Ninja

gmail tips tricks and guide

Gmail tips site categorizes  tips and tricks based on the number of mails you get everyday i.e. basically how much you use Gmail and calls you a are a white belt,green belt or black belt owner based on your proficiency.and if you are i-know-it-all kind of guy then you are Gmail Master.

It has tips for everyone which includes simple tips like how to label your mail and for experts it has tips like how to sign out remotely if you forgot to logout on a public computer.

Why people including me love Google because it makes everything easy.

People invest a lot of time making cheat sheets but Gmail team has already made it.It is available for download and in printer friendly format which you can print and paste on your workplace.

Get the official blog post here and don’t forget to download the handy reference pdf.

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