Tetris Completes its 25 Years



Very popular game Tetris has completed 25 years today.It was created on June 6th’1984 by Alexey Pajitnov .This very addictive game is available for almost all platforms ranging from video game consoles to handheld gaming devices and for all computer operating systems and mobile phones.

Google has put it on the homepage today.

Tetris Mania Continues…

In the 25 years the popularity of Tetris has grown manifold.According to Wiki- Tetris has been played even on the walls of various buildings.

Tetris Holding, LLC is the official site.Here you can play the game online.However many versions of the game are available.I am fond of Bricks 2000 (If you are unable to download ,Get it here ) which even gives you chance to post your scores online.

It’s very unlikely that you have not played it anytime.Or if you have played and didn’t like it,then again it’s time to fall in love with Tetris.

For me ,the next hour is reserved for Tetris!

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