Win Free License of Smart Guard for mobile content protection by Getting an Ovi account



Everyone of us have some SMS,some contacts,files or even some application which we deem “Private” on our mobiles.In order to lock these from prying eyes ,traditional method suggests using a Lock code for your mobile.There is a  better way to lock these messages,files or contact –by using Smart Guard.This application frees you from worries by securing these from everyone.The only problem is this application is NOT FREE.

Now Nokia is offering free Licenses to this application if you sign up for their Ovi services and submit your mail id.

Get an Ovi account to Get Smart

First let’s see why Smart Guard is a great application.It is because it can-

  • Protect your contacts.
  • protect your messages.
  • Protect your pictures,videos,mp3s or any other file.
  • Protect data both on phone memory and memory card.
  • Keep sensitive data like bank account number a secret.

Now looking at the features it seems to be a must have application for your Nokia Mobile.But at a cost of $9.

Smart Guard for Nokia

Smart Guard for Nokia 5800

Smart Guard for Nokia N97

Get Free License of Smart Guard

But here is a chance to get this application absolutely Free.What you have to do is just sign up for an Ovi account.If you don’t know what Ovi is then in simple terms-it’s Nokia’s centralized system of services like mail,file sharing,application store and so on.The single Ovi id is used for all the Ovi services.

The main features of Free Ovi mail include 1GB Inbox with drag and drop ovi mail features,inbox preview and so on.Moreover the id becomes cool as it’s very short, can access your mail from anywhere including your mobile.

Once you register for Ovi mail ,you have to provide your id at the place mentioned below in order to participate for getting free license of Smart Guard.

Visit Nokia’s home page.Or visit the Ovi mail registration page which also includes registration of your ovi mail id for Free License.

Disclaimer:TechNukkad is not associated with this competition/promotion.This is just to spread the news.You are bound to follow all Terms and Conditions as decided by Nokia.

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