How to Generate GIF Animation /Avatars out of Still Images Online



People use gif images for their online Avatars in forums.Moreover they are good for illustrating steps in a task.Rather than making step by step screenshots for each step,you can make it a GIF animation.Apart from these you may encounter many situation where you will need to create a GIF image/animation out of some still images you have.

Here is an online service which can generate animated GIF online out of images you upload to it.

Create Animated GIF online for Free

Picasion lets you create animated gif online for free and that too without any registration process.

Create GIF animation online

The process is very simple.You choose pictures to upload and it shows an animated version online which you can save to your computer.It also generates an HTML code which you can copy and paste to your forum/blog  to be added as an avatar.

You can also import pictures from your Picasa or Flickr account.You have option to adjust size and speed of the animation.

Now just head over to Picasion and create you brilliant online GIF avatar now!

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