ISRO Bhuvan Launched-Download and Watch India's Answer to Google Earth



It’s giant leap for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).Already in the news for Chandrayan Mission-they have hit the headlines by launching the pure Indian version of something we have known as Google Earth for quite some time.

ISRO –Bhuvan is in their terms is –“Indian Earth Observation Visualization” which is basically the complete virtual 3D Globe made up by the data gathered by satellites.

How to Run/Watch  ISRO Bhuvan

Just like Google Earth ,ISRO Bhuvan requires a plug-in  to be installed on your computer.This plug-in can only be downloaded when you register  as a user in the Bhuvan Website.Once you 8-14-2009 4-47-13 PM

get inside download and install the plug-in.After installation you should be able to run the application just like Google Earth on the browser.You need to logged into the website to run the application ISRO-Bhuvan.

Download Bhuvan Client

Just visit the ISRO BHUVAN official site  and register yourself as a user.After you log in you will be asked to download the browser plug in which is approximately 11 MB in size.This plug in will place a shortcut on your desktop which is NOT to be used as ISRO Bhuvan can be run on the browser itself.


What is Bhuvan Exactly

ISRO has various Remote Sensing Satellites which are used for geo imaging, mapping and many more purpose.These satellites are used to take images of all parts of the world.Once you transpose these images to a 3D virtual globe what you get is a virtual tour of the whole globe-which is now Bhuvan.Presently Bhuvan consists of images taken over an year to 3 years ago.These images will be refreshed in regular intervals.

Features of ISRO Bhuvan

  • Emphasis on Indian Terrain .It will eventually show the political borders too.It will provide local information such as weather,flood, for major locations.
  • Different Viewpoints-enabling you to view a location in different perspectives.
  • You can draw figures,polygon and boxes onscreen.However you will not be able to ADD any information presently in the Beta version.
  • Provides on screen snapshots,measurements and drawing features.The pictures shown above are taken by the “snapshot” feature.
  • Resolution up to 10 meters can be obtained through Bhuvan for major locations.
  • Places with security considerations will not be detailed.
  • Value added services will be added later .

Now just head over to Bhuvan site- and enjoy.

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    I like it.but this is not as detailed as Google Earth.

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