How to Create and Use SBI Virtual Debit Card



Recently launched SBI Virtual Card Service lets you create virtual cards for online payments.This free service is a step to make your online transactions safer because you never have to disclose you primary account information or actual debit card details.Here is a step by step guide to generate and use SBI virtual cards.Creadit cards are much useful in this era of online shopping.You should shop online as you can get discount and offers on online shopping.You can watch for online shopping discounts.

Step by Step Guide on using SBI Virtual Cards

In my previous post I have written about what is sbi virtual card.Now here is how to create and use them.

Login to your SBI Net banking account at and visit request tab.After clicking that tab,you will get a screen where on the left bottom page is a link for SBI virtual Card creation. Click the link and you will get a page like the following.

create virtual credit card (2)

Fill the virtual card limit.For example if you have to spend Rs. 1200,fill limit as 1250 as some payment gateways may charge you some transaction fee. Once you fill the limit,click ‘Generate’. You will see a screen like this.

generate sbi virtual card

Click on “Generate” again and now a One Time Authentication number will be sent to your mobile number and you will get the following screen to fill that number.So keep your mobile handy while you are going to create an electronic or virtual card.

otp password for virtual card


Once you fill the OTP and click confirm, you will get the power of money,a brand new virtual card as you can see below.

final virtual debit card

Card number and other details in the figure beside have been blurred for the obvious reasons.

You can now use this virtual card for any online transaction where they accept debit cards within 48 hours.Please note that this card presently cannot be used for international transactions.

Here is a glossary for the uninitiated people-

Card Number: This is the 16 digit number you get printed on the front side of any card.

CVV: This is a three digit number usually found on the reverse of any debit/credit card.

Since this is a virtual card,you will get it printed on the front side as shown in the last figure.

Enjoy this service and let us know did you like it or not.

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