Download Free Microsoft Security Essentials Limited Beta Soon!




Here is a security software from none other than Microsoft.Known as Morro, in development is now available for limited download.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a security suite just like other antivirus and antispyware suites.This free software from Microsoft has all common functions like  many scan options, scheduled and automatic scans, automatic definition file updates,defense shield working on real time ,and root kit protection.Grab it quickly as it will not be available for long as download is limited to 75000 times only.

Free Security Kit from Microsoft

Before you download ,kindly note that-

  • It’s available in only four countries the United States, Israel, Brazil, and China.Even then I was able to download it in India,may be because my company in office uses a good proxy server.So you can also trying download using an anonymous proxy server which can hide locations.
  • You must have Genuine copy of your OS,be it Windows XP,Vista or Windows 7 as it needs WGA validation.
  • You will be required to become a member of Microsoft Connect and then fill a survey before you can download it.

I decided to try it on my virtual Windows7 installation.For Windows 7 ,the package is smaller than that for XP(Just 4.5MB).

Microsoft Security Essentials

After installation it updated the definition files to protect the PC from the latest malwares.

Microsoft Security Essentials update

  • As you can see,it has its complete functionality in four tabs,namely Home,Update,History and Settings.
  • Home-Is the landing page,which shows the status of the program and PC.
  • Update-Definition files update status
  • History-Past history of custom and automatic scans including the malicious files and programs it found.
  • Settings-Contains settings for adjusting real time protection ,scheduling scans,and so on.It also has something called SpyNet which is like centralized malware feedback network.

After definition file update it took only 5 minutes for a quick scan and 36 minutes for a deep scan.So short scan time because I have allotted a small space to Windows 7.

I am yet to test it with malwares,till then download it soon before MS makes it unavailable.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Beta.

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  1. Ashish Mundhra Avatar

    Well the above security essential is still in development phase so I do not suggest to trust it as for complete security of your system. You can use it to test it with other security suit installed side by side. Even Microsoft are not 100% sure for this

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