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This year April Fool’s day was chosen by the deadly worm “Conficker” to start working.Be it a hoax or not,the worm has infected millions of Windows PC worldwide till now.The Wiki page on Conficker (also known as Downup an Kido) ,says it was detected in October’2008.Wiki also says that it is believed to be one of the worst computer worm infections.

You can gauge the dangers of such widespread infection that Microsoft has announced to reward US $250,000 to anybody with information that results in arrest and conviction of people behind conficker.Now if you feel that you are infected with Conficker here are tools to make your system clean.

Are you really infected with Conficker Worm?

Conficker does not look like this Probably not,if you have auto update enabled or you update your Windows as soon as Microsoft releases an update.Soon after the detection of the worm,Microsoft released a security update.However if you didn’t update at that time and are now infected,then checking for this security update will be futile as the worm will say you have already applied that patch!

A common symptom of the infection is your inability to visit many antivirus sites and Microsoft update or security centre as the worm disables your system to visit them.

How to know more about the Conficker?

An alliance has been formed to combat the worm.You can also visit Conficker Wiki page and Microsoft’s “Centralized Information About The Conficker Worm” in addition to Guidelines to protect you from Conficker by Microsoft.

Where to get removal tools?

Almost all antivirus makers have released tool to remove/combat Conficker.Here is a list to get them-


Information and Download

ESET Instructions and Tool
Sophos Instructions and Tool
Symantec Instructions and Tool
Mcafee Instructions and Tool
Kaspersky Download Tool and FAQs
avast Instructions to remove Conficker
Bitdefender Instructions and tool
Avira Do not Worry

If you have any of the symptoms ,then you should download the above mentioned tools to remove conficker from your computer.

Image Credit-Luke Wisley

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