Chrome is Tarnished,Firefox is Old and Safari is Boring-says Microsoft IE8 Campaign




Microsoft Australia is promoting Internet Explorer 8 in an special way.It’s started a campaign saying “Ten Grand is Buried Here “.IN this ,you have to get some clues to discover and win $10000.But to discover those clues you must be using IE8.

What’s interesting is that, when you open the competition page,it detects the browser and says that the browser you are using is old,tarnished or something.

Use IE8 to Discover $10000!

Microsoft IE8 Campaign 10Grans

When I opened the page in different browsers ,here is the message I got-

Google Chrome is tarnished!

google chrome

Firefox is Old!

old firefox

ditch firefox

Opera and other uncommon browsers




I also heard that it also called “Apple Safari “as Boring.But I was not able to take that screenshot.Of the various reaction on this campaign ,significant one is by a Mozilla developer who has developed as reported by TechCrunch,it’s nothing but a Google map which zooms to show Mozilla Firefox.

The counter site seems to be more popular than the original one.Search for “Ten Grand is Buried Here” and Google will return only some top links pointing to Microsoft and almost all others to the counter site.

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