BSNL EVDO and NIC card :Price and Tariff updated :Now with Roaming support



It has been long since BSNL started to provide NIC and EVDO cards for Wireless Broadband.For the uninitiated BSNL provides wireless Internet access through CDMA 1X based PCMCIA NIC(Network Interface Card) and EVDO based USB data card,both of which have different speeds.

Till now the price was high,availability was low and it came with no roaming support.That means unlike Reliance data card which you can use anywhere in India ,BSNL’s card could be used in your home network only.But BSNL has now updated the prices ,revised the tariff and all with roaming support.

BSNL Data Cards –NIC and EVDO

One Time Purchase PricingBSNL EVDO card

NIC card-Rs.2500 (Or Rs.1680/- during promotional offer)

EVDO card –Rs. 3500(Or Rs.2100/- during promotional offer)

Rental Pricing

NIC card rental –Rs.150/-

EVDO card rental  –Rs.  200/-


Unlimited Internet on NIC-Rs. 350/-

Unlimited Internet on EVDO card-Rs.650/-

Apart from these there may be other charges as activation fee,security deposit,taxes etc. for which you should contact BSNL site.

How is Browsing Speed on EVDO and NIC card?

Theoretically CDMA 2000 1X technology based NIC card can give speeds up to 144 kbps which is somewhat higher than the normal 128kbps dialup connection.Practically being a wireless service, the speed varies a lot as it’s dependent upon the signal quality,signal strength and so on.

Similarly EVDO card can provide Speed up to 2.4 Mbps which is even more than the conventional wire line ADSL broadband.Again it depends on the network as not all area have EVDO coverage and the issues of varying signal will always be there.

Can I Take It Anywhere in India?

Yes.BSNL now provides roaming on these cards but please note that the service is dependent on type of network coverage.So if you are travelling to a place where there is no CDMA/EVDO coverage ,you are out of luck.

Get details about the schemes and promotional offer and to read the official news from BSNL here.

16 responses to “BSNL EVDO and NIC card :Price and Tariff updated :Now with Roaming support”
  1. parulrathod Avatar

    dear sir,

    i want to know the details about bsnl wireless nic card like it is available in bhachau (Kutchh dist.) or not, monthly rent, etc.

    With Regards
    Parul Rathod

  2. rakesh Avatar

    hi sir can i get the evdo network from bsnl mobilephone network

    1. Vbb Avatar

      @Rakesh:As far as I know EVDO works on CDMA network and presently CDMA service providers such as Reliance provide Internet on their mobile.Please contact the respective service provider for details.I think you CAN’T get EVDO on a mobile due to device/network restrictions.

  3. soumendra priyadarshi Avatar
    soumendra priyadarshi

    i am in government service(Income tax department) in Ahmednagar. I want to take internet connection using NIC card but whenever i go to the bsnl office, the concerned athority says that there are very shortage of nic card so you have to wait. i have just waited five month but could not take connection due to shortage. i want to know what is the basic cause of this type shortage and how many years will it take to produce extra NIC cards to satisfy the demand in the market.
    Waiting for your reply.
    thanking you.
    soumendra priyadarshi
    income tax Assistant
    Aayakar bhavan,
    mobile:- 093704*****

    1. Vbb Avatar

      @soumendra :There is nothing to be done about BSNL problems as they are deep rooted and need a company level overhaul -which you and I can’t do.Now regarding your problem you can contact any BSNL franchisee instead of BSNL offices which are setup in almost all towns.They sometime offer better service in such cases.Or you can take this card from other city in Maharashtra and use it.Or you may consider to search for any other service provider such as TATA or Reliance which offer such services at competitive prices.

  4. EVDO user Avatar
    EVDO user

    I dont think national roaming has been activated yet.

    1. Vbb Avatar

      @EVDO User :BSNL has been quite slow in upgrading its services.While official announcement has been done,it may take time to upgrade its settings on all areas.

  5. Pallab Avatar

    The tarrif is actually great. But the problem is that BSNL CDMA network isnt available in many places.

    1. Vbb Avatar

      @Pallab:The fact is BSNL CDMA is available in almost all India.I have visited my native village which doesn’t have mobile coverage but they provide WLL phone.It works on CDMA,and hence NIC cards can be used.What is relatively rare to get is the EVDO network.

  6. Gaurav Chavda Avatar
    Gaurav Chavda

    Hello all.
    I am from Ahmedabad(gujarat). I want to buy bsnl evdo. now a days bsnl website shows the price of evdo is 2100 but when i concerned with respective bsnl office for evdo information, the told me that there is nothing like any promotional offer on evdo card and they told me that this card’s cost is rs 4237rs not 2100 and there is not any promotional scheme on any bsnl services.
    here shows news that this card is available on low rate but i could not get any response from bsnl office in ahmedabad.
    Please suggest me what to do now?


    1. Vbb Avatar

      @Gaurav: This is what usually happens with BSNL.:D The top officials announce the schemes but it takes a long time to be implemented at the gross root level.Kindly talk to the main officer In-charge.And also show the notice published on the site.Then let them talk to their head offices.

  7. Hitesh Agja Avatar

    I am using EVDO since last 4 months and I don’t find accept speed. I must say that the speed is higher than reliance or idea data card. I like the service and I am happy with my EVDO. If mobility is your demand then BSNL EVDO is first choice. :-)

  8. mudit Avatar

    can anybody confirm whether national roaming is activated on BSNL EVDO?

  9. k.velumani Avatar

    hai i am having nic card and i pay rs 350 per month. shall i take this nic card and use all over india withour any extra romaing charges.

    1. vbb Avatar

      Now since the 3G is released in most parts of India,I think it’s better to go with 3G.

  10. nidhish jain Avatar
    nidhish jain

    u can hv ur speed upto 1 mbps in nic card……from 144kbps ….

    its really working ……kya spped hai just like the evdo….

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