SBI ,as you know is the largest bank in India and so definitely will have a longer queue for any work. SBI now  has a great Internet banking portal and to follow the suite they have a great and proper functioning mobile banking application. Use it and save yourself from various physical transactions you did in the bank as fund transfer, check stop request, balance enquiry and so on.

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Recently launched SBI Virtual Card Service lets you create virtual cards for online payments.This free service is a step to make your online transactions safer because you never have to disclose you primary account information or actual debit card details.Here is a step by step guide to generate and use SBI virtual cards.Creadit cards are much useful in this era of online shopping.You should shop online as you can get discount and offers on online shopping.You can watch for online shopping discounts.

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State Bank of India (SBI) has just launched its Virtual Card Service after testing it as a pilot project in Pune for sometime.As the name implies,it’s a virtual card which is created for online transactions only.Using virtual card makes you safe as you don’t have to divulge your primary account or card information.Read on to know the features and importance of a virtual card.

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It was just another beep-beep on my mobile some days ago.It was just a message but rather frightening.The message read,

Don’t attend any calls from 7888308001, 9316048121, 9876266211, 9888854137, 9876715587 these numbers come in red colors. U may get brain haemorrhage due to high frequency. 27 persons died just receiving the call. Watch DD news to confirm. Please inform all your friends and relatives soon – its urgent.

As I usually do with mail forwards which tell me to save a child suffering from a disease which nobody knows about and died 3 years ago or not drinking cold drinks in bottles,I ignored it.But as people say,

Nothing is swifter than rumor.” it’s travelling like wild fire and I got a call from home advising  me not to attend any calls from these numbers.

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BSNL 3G Speed Test and Review

by vbb on April 25, 2010

in 3G

It feels great to move to a 3G network after using GPRS as the data speed enhancement is noteworthy. Currently the state owned players BSNL and MTNL are providing 3G services in India.The 3G spectrum auctions are going on and soon we will have a lot of players

Here is a quick recap of my experiences with BSNL 3G in my area.As I live in a village,it took a long time to get 3G in my area while friends living in city areas are enjoying it from a long time.

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BSNL 3G Settings and Configuration

by vbb on February 17, 2010

in 3G

BSNL 3G is now available in many parts of India.You can enjoy  high speed Internet,Video calling and novelties like mobile TV if you have a 3G mobile phone and a BSNL/MTNL connection as presently only these companies offer 3G services.Of course you should be ready to pay a premium for these services.

Here are the configuration settings for 3G mobiles which enable you to get 3G services in your mobile,particularly High speed Internet,or mobile broadband.

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Although I use Firefox and Chrome for my primary browsing,sometime Internet Explorer needs to be used.The latest version of IE ships with Windows 7 by default which I am not using at present.

As such situations it’s good to have portable version of  Internet Explorer 8 which I can use without installing on my system as it can be run directly by my USB drive or a simple folder.Here is your turn to download and test Internet Explorer8.

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As you may be knowing,Google wave is an online tool from Google which takes communication and collaboration to a new paradigm.It combines everything such as conversations,email and document sharing at a single place and all at real time.

Here is your chance to get an Google Wave Invitation from me or if you are already using Google wave then learn how to send Invites to your other friends.

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SBI Mobile Banking-Downloading,Registration,and Activation Instructions

by vbb February 9, 2010

Earlier I have posted about SBI mobile banking application which enables you to carry out all banking related services through your mobile, but I found that a lot of users needed additional instruction regarding downloading and activation of the application.So here is a detailed guide about downloading,activation and registration of SBI mobile banking application called […]

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by vbb January 23, 2010

We have Moved! has now moved to a better sounding domain Now Technukkad redirects here.While  the content remains the same,a look and feel of the site has been changed. Kindly update your bookmarks and RSS feed subscriptions for to now Thanks for staying with me and looking for your continued support […]

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