Verify Your Downloaded Windows 7 ISO File

by vbb on July 8, 2009

in Windows7

Microsoft legitimately allowed people to download Windows 7 beta and RC ISO file from their site with the help of their own download manager.But there are people who downloaded it via other sources such as P2P network(torrent) due to large file size and slow connection.It is also likely that they downloaded it that way because of various leaked version of Windows 7 coming every month.

Unknowingly they are at risk of getting infected ISO which contain malicious codes in it.So here is a utility to verify that the ISO file you downloaded is original and from the  correct source.

Windows 7 ISO verifier

This small utility made by Long Zheng and Sven Groot actually compares the hash of the ISO file you have to the known hashes from the correct sources.Based on the comparison results it will notify whether your ISO is legitimate or not as shown in the figure.

Download the utility and read more from the link below.

Windows 7 ISO verifier

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