Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2 :A Tiny Utility to Tweak Many Settings of Windows 7 and Vista

by vbb on July 13, 2009

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You don’t have to fiddle with your Windows Registry or download any utility to tweak any individual settings.Here is a Freeware Utility which offers almost all types of Tweaks you can apply to your Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating system.The releaser,TheWindowsClub has just released version 2.0 of this software.

The software offers tweak in the areas of Personalization,System Performance,Internet Explorer,Network Tweaks, Security and so on.

Simplest tool to tweak Windows 7 and Vista

Windows Operating System  always had options ,some open and some hidden ones,which you could configure for boosting the performance ,visual options or security of the system.The same goes for the coming Windows 7.However it’s not easy for everyone to tweak these settings.And hence there are numerous programs to help you tweak them.

The Windows Club has released Ultimate Windows Tweaker V2 which offers tweaks for Windows 7 ,apart from Windows Vista in an easy to use interface.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker on Windows 7

 Windows 7 settings

Main Features of Ultimate Windows Tweaker

  • Auto detection of Windows 7 or Windows Vista and offers only version dependent settings.
  • No installation required.You can carry it in your USB pen drive.
  • Easy to access System Restore Button ,so that you can restore your settings if anything goes wrong.
  • Offers configuration settings in the categories of Personalization,User Accounts & UAC,System Performance,Network Tweaks ,Security Settings,IE, and some additional settings.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker Version 2.0

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