How to Change Wallpapers Periodically in Windows 7

by vbb on July 29, 2009

in Windows7

Wallpaper (Desktop Backgrounds) provide a life to the otherwise boring desktop.Some people change their wallpapers daily,while some like to change it every hour.There are many third party utilities to randomize wallpapers at scheduled interval but in Windows 7 you don’t need any as it natively supports automatic changing of wallpapers.

Here is the procedure to change your wallpapers automatically at scheduled intervals in Windows 7.

Automatic shuffling of wallpapers in Windows 7

To setup and randomize wallpapers ,right click on empty part of the home screen and select “personalize”.A window will open to “change the visuals and sounds on your computer” as shown in the figure.Select desktop background.

Desktop Background
In the next windows select “Windows Desktop Backgrounds” from the drop down menu.(or any other library listed where wallpapers are stored)
Now you can select the timing for the automatic wallpaper changing in between 10seconds to one day.Select “Change wallpaper” in desired time. You can also set to shuffle wallpapers if you want them to not appear in a particular order.change and randomize Desktop Background

Then save all changes.And now you should be able to see desktop backgrounds changing automatic at set intervals.

As it is obvious that it will pick wallpapers from the selected directory,you can make different folders to represent different themes and hence can get wallpapers depending on your mood.

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