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by vbb on January 3, 2009

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Are you among those who are browsing in a controlled(firewalled) network i.e. through proxies which block not only keywords like ‘cricket’,'movies’ or ‘torrents’ but also smart enough to stop all P2P access.In some of the workplaces Torrenting is blocked by using some port blocking rules.There you can use “tunnelling” services like http-tunnel which divert all P2P network through port 80 which is used for HTTP.But in case your network admin is smart enough to block “tunnelling” then you will not be able to get P2P downloads in any way.

Googling for the solutions,I came across an excellent  web service .What it does is offer online downloading of torrent through any browser i.e. it will download any file through torrent and save it in it’s online store from you can download it normally.

As the site describes,


TorrentRelay is a website that offers a unique Bittorrent client, one that is entirely web based. You can load torrents from a variety of methods, Local Files, Online URL’s or even short MiniNova ID’s. TorrentRelay is a powerful and extremely fast client that works though any firewall, complex routing or firewalls by offering your downloads as an HTTP ‘Save As’.

Unlike other clients, Torrent Relay requires absolutely no client side software.


I was thrilled to use it and found very useful. It also offers paid service which gives you better options like pause and resume etc.And if that is not all it also support mobile browsers that means you can use it through your iPhone or anything which supports viewing web pages .

Click here to visit  Torrent Relay.

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Mobile browsers are still kind of crude if you compare it to the desktop browsers we use on PC.’.’


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