FTP Client Without Installation-Use ‘Anyclient’

by vbb on April 27, 2009

in WEb Services

sometimes you need to access an FTP site (for any downloading or uploading files) in situations where no FTP client is installed,for example in a cyber cafe or in your friend’s computer.The situation is more prevalent in offices where no FTP client is installed and  you are at the mercy of a system administrator.

Anyclient comes to your rescue at such times.It’s a browser based FTP client and thus no installation is required.

No installation FTP Client

FTP client without installation 

The site has a java applet used as an FTP client.IT also has a site manager which looks remarkably similar to popular clients such as FileZilla.At first I was skeptical about the executable java applet as but once I opened the site I was greeted with a warning that the application’s digital signature has been verified and presumably safe to proceed.

anycleint_java applet


You can connect to the desired FTP location using the site manager which manages the user name password and host.

Now if you really like this application a lot then here is even a downloadable version of the application.


Just head over to http://www.anyclient.com/ and know more about it.The applet is at http://www.anyclient.com/applet.html

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