WinDirStat-Visualize Your Disk Usage

by vbb on January 9, 2009

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Gone are the days when computers used to have 10 or 20 GB hard disk.Affordable storage capacity has increased manifold.Now with more storage comes the problem of managing your data.If you are not a person who manages everything religiously (including your cupboard and table drawer) then you hard disk is bound to be full of clutter some day.While it’s not a rocket science to discover which things you need to delete to get some free space,but sure it takes a lot of time (especially if you are a folder maniac who makes folder inside folder-inside another folder)and search.

Here a freeware utility comes to your rescue.What it does it visualization of your complete hard disk,any single drive or any specific folder you select.

WinDirStat shows you the complete structure of files and folders in a tree structure graphically.Each file type is assigned a different color.And blocks are made to represent each individual file in terms of size i.e. bigger block will show a bigger file.

It not only shows the structure but allows you to delete from the visual blocks itself.You can open and see file properties as well as create a disk usage report from the application.The application is very simple to use and the learning time is almost none.The only thing which may take time is to get loaded .Depending on the size of the disk it may take even 3 to 4 minutes to visualize the disk.

This is a must have utility for every Windows user to manage disk space efficiently.

To visit the web page and download click here.

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