When Microsoft Word's Equation Editor is Not Enough

by vbb on July 25, 2009

in Utilities

There is no doubt over the capabilities of Microsoft’s Word’s Equation Editor.You can type an equation which contains almost all kinds of operations.But you have to accept the fact t hat it will take a long time,because it is surely a Text Editor.

There is no need to buy a commercial app just for writing equations.Here is a Free Mathematical Equation Editor better than Microsoft Equation Editor.The app is very simple to use.

Edit Mathematical Equations/Expression Easily

Math-O-Mir is a freeware Equation editor which includes almost all operation possible in the subject of Mathematics.There is double integration,sigma,set theory symbols,hyperbolic functions,trigonometric functions and that’s not all– You can also draw mathematical figures such as straight line,square,cube,and parabolas.Free Equation Editor

Don’t go over the garbled equation on the screenshot :D .It’s just to show you the possibilities of this editor.The place where it scores better than Microsoft’s Equation Editor is the simplicity and easy operation.

The utility comes with an easy to follow help which can be invoked by pressing F1.You can write several pages of complex equations and save them.

This is a must have app for any student or any person who needs to edit equations quite frequently for projects or for presentations.The app is portable one and hence can be carried on a USB drive.

Download Math-O-Mir (ZIP Package-550KB)

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