SBI Mobile Banking-Downloading,Registration,and Activation Instructions

by vbb on February 9, 2010

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Earlier I have posted about SBI mobile banking application which enables you to carry out all banking related services through your mobile, but I found that a lot of users needed additional instruction regarding downloading and activation of the application.So here is a detailed guide about downloading,activation and registration of SBI mobile banking application called FreedoM.

The downloading of application can be completed by directly downloading to mobile or first downloading it to computer and then installing it on your mobile.

Downloading the Application

Application can be directly downloaded and installed on your mobile if you have Internet enabled on your mobile phone.You can do so by following two ways

01. Send an SMS <MBSREG> <MobileMake> <MobileModel> to 567676.For example if you have a Nokia 6500 mobile then send MBSREG Nokia 6500 to 567676.On the reply from the bank you will get a  link in the message clicking on which allows you to download the application.Once the application has been downloaded-install it on your mobile.You get another message from SBI which contains your user id and default MPIN.SBI Mobile Banking Application Service

02. If you fail to get a link by sending above SMS ,you can visit SBI site and click Mobile Banking under Services section.Or you can directly visit Mobile Banking Application Download page.A lot of mobile handset models are listed there.You have to select your phone model and choose the handset specific version.If you fail to find application for your phone model,you can download the Generic version from the same page.

If your mobile does not have a GPRS/3G Internet connection you can first download the application to computer by visiting aforesaid links.Once you download it -transfer it to mobile and install .

Registration and Activation Process for SBI FreedoM

Registration can be done by following two ways-

01.Registration using mobile-register for SBI mobile banking service

Start the application and you will see the screen as shown in image.You have to login using the given user id and MPIN which you received in response  to the message you sent for downloading the application.And this completes the process.In case you have not received the user id and MPIN you can click “register” from the application start menu and get it by SMS.People who download application without sending SMS will need to do this.

02.Registration at the SBI ATM or your local branch.

Contact the manager of your concerned branch and ask him to activate your mobile banking service.Or you can visit any ATM and register yourself for mobile banking service.For this you have to choose ‘Services’ in the main menu.Select ‘Mobile banking’ and then again select Register.Enter your mobile number and follow the instructions thereafter.

Using the SBI Mobile Banking Application

Start the application and change the default MPIN.It is mandatory to change MPIN before using it for the first time.It’s good to use a strong alphanumeric MPIN such as ‘6tgnd5’.Of course make it easy enough to remember.

Once the service is activated,you can carry out almost all banking related transactions through the application which include statement enquiry,fund transfer,bill payments,cheque book request and so on.Of course- you can not withdraw cash from your mobile!SBI mobile banking service

Mobile Banking service is FREE to use but you have to pay carrier charges ( for usage of SMS or GPRS)

The advantage of SBI Mobile banking is that it works even if you don’t have a GPRS/3G enabled phone as it can use SMS for transactions.

If you still have any difficulty in downloading,registration or activation of SBI mobile banking application ,let me know in comments.Please do not leave your mobile number in comments as there is no way I can send application directly to your mobile.

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