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by vbb on January 1, 2009

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Let me dedicate the first post to technology.Technology is a broad term which covers many areas.But here my reference is to the Digital Technology which has remarkably changed the way we live,work and communicate.

However not everyone is touched by the digitalĀ  technology in the same extent.And this is the cause which creates the term Digital Divide.

Wikipedia says,

The term digital divide refers to the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those without. It includes the imbalances in physical access to technology as well as the imbalances in resources and skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen.

One cannot fill this divide by simply writing a blog on technology.To overcome the divide a collective approach has to be taken.I myself feel lagging behind in this digital age.This blog is an effort to take to take myself outĀ  from digital darkness to light.And I am sure I can make the jump.On my journey everybody is invited and if this blog helps anybody regarding technology,my purpose will be fulfilled.

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