Kill Frozen apps in single click-Click & Gone!

by vbb on May 6, 2009

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What do you do when an application cease to respond.The normal procedure is pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to invoke Task Manager and then kill the process.

ClckGone ,a freeware, does  this job in a single click.The program is a very small one.

Single Click Application Killer

When you launch this program,the pointer turns to a crosshair showing its killing capability.

Whenever an app freezes ,simple launch ClickGone and click on the frozen window.The frozen app will be killed immediately.

Click and Kill frozen apps

The only precaution to take with this program is-Do not click on an empty space or desktop.It’ll kill Windows!

So no need to invoke task manager for killing a process.Just have ClickGone.However I wish this program should be a standalone one.Presently it needs to be installed.

Download ClickGone.

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