Which Program is Using your Internet Connection?

by vbb on June 2, 2009

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Even if you are not a geek,it’s good to know which of the programs you have installed are currently accessing your internet.Many people don’t know at all that some program keeps updating themselves at the background and can kill you with a heavy data usage bill,if you are on a limited data usage internet connection.Also you never know you are a victim of botnet or say a Trojan is downloading something at the background.

Hence it is important to keep an eye at the processes which are using your Internet Connection.Here is a simple and Freeware Utility to monitor your network traffic.

Simple tool to Monitor network traffic and see which app is using the network

TCP View-See processes using Internet

As you can see in the picture you get a list of the TCP/UDP connections on the
system, along with the process which has generated this connection and to where it is connecting.

Geeks are familiar with the “netstat” command which almost does the same thing.It presents a better GUI and is good for anybody not comfortable with command prompt.If you are still a command line fan,it also includes TVCcon which is the command line version of the tool.

It also has  good contextual tools where you can see process properties and kill the connection.

Not everybody can decode what a process does but it is for sure that they can get a hint that this program is using the Internet connection and can kill it if it is an unwanted application.

The program does not need installation hence you can carry it in your USB drive anywhere you like.Moreover it comes with a help file .

Know more and Download TCP View

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