Recover Your Deleted Files from Hard Disk Easily

by vbb on June 16, 2009

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Do you know that you can recover the files you have deleted accidently or by will,even if you have cleared your Recycle Bin.

Recover Files is a Freeware program to do just that.It scans the hard disk for deleted files which can be recovered based on the condition of deleted file.

How a Deleted File  is Recovered?

When you simply delete a file ,it goes to recycle bin,from where you can recover it.When you delete it even from the recycle bin or shift-delete a file,Windows marks the space occupied by the file as free and hence we feel that the file has been deleted but it’s just buried in the hard disk.This buried file if unmodified may be recovered by software which search for such files.

When you add/modify some files in the hard disk,the space marked as free is overwritten hence the condition of buried file may become unrecoverable.

Use “Recover Files” for File Recovery

File Recovery by "Recover Files"

Using “Recover Files” is very simple.Upon launching it it shows the complete drive listing of your computer.Just select the drive from which you want to recover a file.Click analyze.Now you will be presented with a list of all the deleted files in that drive with the condition of the file as you can see in the picture.

Select the one which you want to restore and click Undelete from the top menu.

Since it will give a large number of files which are deleted ,you can filter your search by specifying the file name or size of the file you want to recover.

A good free utility if you have a practice of always pressing Shift-Delete to delete a file.(Newbie Note-Deleting a file by pressing Shift+Delete key does not send the file to recycle bin but deletes permanently)

Download Recover Files now.

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