SBI Launches Virtual Debit Card Service



State Bank of India (SBI) has just launched its Virtual Card Service after testing it as a pilot project in Pune for sometime.As the name implies,it’s a virtual card which is created for online transactions only.Using virtual card makes you safe as you don’t have to divulge your primary account or card information.Read on to know the features and importance of a virtual card.

State Bank Virtual Card

By using this SBI service you can create a virtual card which is issued against your primary account .You will need to have a “transaction rights enabled” account where you access Internet Banking.The whole process is done online and your registered mobile number is also required to receive and enter the one time password during the electronic card creation.


Here are some of the important features of SBI virtual card or e-card.

  • It’s a VISA card and hence can be used at majority of online shopping/payment gateways which accept debit cards.
  • The whole process is online and does not require any software setup or bank approval.
  • You are secure as you don’t need to divulge your primary card number or any account information.
  • It’s a one time use card with a validity of 48 hours.
  • It can be issued for any amount between Rs. 100 to 50000.
  • It’s FREE to use and no creation/maintenance charge is levied on your account.
  • It’s a domestic card and cannot be used for International payments.

Use of This Virtual Card

You can use these virtual cards anywhere on the net like while you do online payments.Suppose you shop on, you can pay via this VCC. You can get discounts and offers on flipkart from this site.

How this card is created?

The idea is simple.Say that you have Rs. 15000 as a balance in your account.And you have to pay Rs. 625 in a payment. Now you create a virtual card of Rs. 1000 and pay the bill. Once you create the card “Rs. 1000 ” will not be debited.They just mark a “lien” on that account.When you have paid Rs. 625 , the actual money spent will be deducted from your account.

You can get more details about the service at SBI website here.

Here is a complete step by step guide to generate and use SBI virtual debit card.


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