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by vbb on May 8, 2009

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You have your profiles on say Facebook,LinkedIn,Orkut,MySpace but most of them are not searchable on Google.Google now allows you to make one more profile- Google Profile.People can find your profile when they search on Google profile.

Initially it looks like  just another LinkedIn profile page but it’s from Google.It is sure to boost online presence for people who create their profile.It can work positively for anybody,whether you are a freelancer artist or just a college student.

Get a Google Profile Now

Create your Google Profile

Stuff you can put on your Google profile -

Google profile lets you enter your basic information like name,address,contact info ,where you have worked or working now as well as photos and interests.


You can import photos from your Picasa web album , Flickr or any other site.

contact info-

This information is not public.You decide who can view it.

Fun stuff

Interestingly it offers you to fill some fun to your profile.You can write about

Something you can’t find using Google or your superpower.You can easily say,eating rice with sticks, as your super power.

Once you save your profile you get the options to chose your profile URL.It can be just your Google Account user name or a 20 digit number.Security/privacy concerned users are sure to choose the later option.

Profile URL

Will be something like this OR profiles/123456791234567891


Google has put sample profile to see before you create yours.For example ,see the profile of Matt Cutts.

So what are you waiting for,just head to Google Profiles and create your own page.Or you can read the official news about Google Profile below.

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