Backup and Restore Your Device Drivers for Free

by vbb on July 22, 2009

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Not all computer users are organized enough to keep the Device driver CD/DVD they get with their system in a safe reachable place and hence the most common reason people do not want to reinstall their Operating system is that they do not have their device driver readily available.

Here is a Freeware software that can backup all the device drivers present on your system so that you can keep it handy anywhere and restore whenever you need an operating system reinstall.

Extract and Save Device Drivers from the system

You will surely agree with the following points-

  1. Common people throw away driver CD/DVD thinking it’s just a crap.
  2. Computer Technicians who install OS on user’s computer at home do not GIVE a driver CD.
  3. Users who are not connected to Internet are not interested in upgrading their device drivers

In any case above you will need the original system driver CD which you got with your system when you bought it or got it assembled from someone.And you will hesitate to reinstall your OS just because you don’t have a driver CD.

How to Extract Device drivers

Assuming that your computer is running fine presently and you have all the necessary device drivers installed then using Driver Magician Lite you can extract and backup all those drivers easily.

This program is a less privileged brother of commercial software Driver Magician and hence lacks some advanced features like driver database update,driver removal,registry backup and so on.Still it has the main feature of backing up drivers.In the case of restoration you have to manually install drivers from the backup as the Free version do not support one click driver restoration as the full commercial version does.

backup your drivers

Using the software is very simple.It lists all the drivers on the system including those installed by default by Windows Operating system.You can select any or all drivers for backup.Select a directory for backup and you are done.It will create corresponding folders in selected directory and place all the extracted drivers in it.When you reinstall the OS ,you have to manually select these drivers to install,still this is a good piece of software, specially for people who tend to format their system disk every month.

Download Driver Magician Lite (1.6MB Exe)

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