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by vbb on March 5, 2009

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Majority of the animation and small videos shown on the Internet is made using Flash.And they have an swf or flv extension.Usually people like to save it for watching later but doing this is  not a piece of cake as flash by itself dos not allow you to download.

However there are plenty of tricks  to download them but some of them require a good geek quotient.The one tool described here is simple and easy enough to be used by even your grandpa.

Before you watch the animation/video,your web browser fetches it and stores it in browser cache.And once you watch the video/animation you can just search the cache using Video Cache View.Once you locate it ,you can save it just like any other file.

As you can see in the image below,Video Cache View searches the browser cache.It supports all major browsers ,even chrome and safari.


When launched, it searches and shows you complete listing of the flash files stored in the cache.These include  swf,flv, asx or other formats used for animation.New version supports even audio files.You have to select the file and right click on it.It will show a menu which includes options to play and save.First view it and if it is the desired file ,just save it.You will need to have a player to view swf or flv files.

The tool is an excellent freeware from Nirsoft.Download it here.

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