Clutter Free Your Taskbar-Minimize Applications to System Tray

by vbb on April 8, 2009

in Freewares

If you are among the people who keep many folders and programs open while working,you may soon clutter your taskbar.Tray It,as the name suggest is an application to put anything you like, to the system tray thus making your taskbar clutter free.

This freeware program does not require an installation.Just unzip the program to a folder an start keeping your windows in system tray.

TrayIt-Put Minimized Windows to System Tray

Keeping many programs and folders open will obviously clutter your taskbar.Sometimes even “Group Similar Tasks” does not help in clearing the clutter.When you minimize them,Tray It can keep it in the system tray-located near system clock menu.It is extremely simple to use.Just start the application and minimize any window.

Minimize application to system tray areaAs shown in the figure ,you can select any window to be placed in system tray.You can minimize any windows temporarily to system tray by pressing control key while you minimize it.It will create an icon for the minimized window .To always minimize it you have to select “place in system tray” from right click context menu on the system tray.

Minimize application to system tray


Tray It Features-

  • TrayIt  supports “Program Grouping”,hence five notepad files will be grouped on the same icon.
  • You can set this application to start when windows starts.
  • No installation required.
  • Complete Freeware.

Know More and Download Tray It!

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