Simple and Efficient To-Do List Manager



Out of various to-do managers,only a few are suitable for long run.Some applications are too complicated to be called a to-do list or task manager.For the person who manages his to do list on a paper/diary,a really simple application is needed on a computer.

ToDo is such a freeware application.Very small in size and does only what it says in a simple interface.Does not need even a minute to learn how to use it.

Your Personal Task Manager-To Do

A To do list on its simplest form has tasks based on some categories.Once you complete the task,you just strike out the task.Exactly this is accomplished with freeware ToDo.Once installed,it sits in the system tray.

Personal todo Manager

Features of ToDo

  • Tasks are listed in a hierarchical structure.So you can group all your office related task in one node and family related task on the other.You can make so many groups and go to deep levels for each task.For example,in the picture  shown,you can make many tasks under ‘take backup task’ .
  • The program features color coding for tasks based on the priority.Just right click on a task and set priority.
  • Simple keyboard shortcuts.Just press insert for a new task selecting the main node.
  • Strike out completed task by just a tick mark
  • You can save or print your task list.
  • You can import your task list in the CSV format,if you have made it in any spreadsheet.

Download ToDo and manage your tasks in a simple way.

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