Forget the Start Menu and Explorer:Get Launchy to Start Anything Using Hotkeys

by vbb on July 12, 2009

in Freewares

Depending upon your habits,you are bound to have any or all of the following situations:

  1. You have a desktop full of so called shortcut icons.
  2. Your programs menu spans to two/three panes as you have too many programs installed.
  3. You are a folder maniac, making folders inside a folder,that is again inside a folder.

In all the above cases you are bound to juggle through a lot of shortcut or programs menu to launch a program.Or you may find it difficult to find a particular folder whose location you do not remember.

In any case you just need Launchy ,a freeware utility which can replace your start menu and explorer forever.In simple terms ,this quickly launches a program when you type initial characters of the program name.

Launch any program or folder using Hotkeys

Launchy,as the name suggests helps you launch a program or folder in just a few keystrokes.What is does it indexing of all the programs so that when you type in just beginning characters of the name of the programs it shows you the program.Just choose it and press Enter.

For example you want to launch Microsoft Paint,then just type ‘paint’.The probability is that it will suggest the program even you have just typed the first letter P.Once paint is selected,press Enter to launch Paint. And to launch Launchy,you have a simple Hotkey-Alt+Space which brings the launch bar .

As you can see in the following images I just typed the letter P to get Paint,and Fir to launch Firefox.



Apart from simplifying launch of programs it has following awesome features-

  • You can index a directory or a drive to index all the files so that you can quickly launch them.
  • You can index only a particular type,such as pdf only so that you can open a pdf file quickly.
  • Supports Command line options.For example you want to open Google on Firefox browser.Type fir in launchy and once Firefox is selected ,hit Tab now type and press Enter.Or it can replace the command prompt too.type “cmd” and then tab and then type any DOS command.
  • .This program has plug-ins too and skins to adorn it.

Upon using it for only for a minute,I am hooked to it as I can launch almost anything with this program.Any person who likes to use Keyboard will find it too useful to resist using it.And anybody who installs many programs on the computer will praise it as it can save many of their precious seconds .Just download and use it to praise it fully.

It includes a simple startup guide in a pdf format to make you familiar if you are new.

Download Launchy

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Pallab July 16, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Yeah. Launchy is awesome. I have been using it for well over a year now.


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