Split Your Life-err… File using HJSplit

by vbb on May 9, 2009

in Freewares

Gone are the days when people used to carry data in 1.44MB floppy drives.Then it was a pain to carry any data larger than 1.44MB.It was time to have file splitters.Still today we need file splitters because it takes a tough long time to attach  a 25MB to your mail.

HJsplit is a freeware application which caters to your file splitting and joining needs.This tiny utility does not needs an installation.

Freeware File Splitter


The program is very simple to use.Just open the file to be spitted and then set the individual file size.In order to join back just select the broken parts of the file and join.

It also offers compare and checksum features which can come to handy for verifications of splitting process.Being portable you can carry it anywhere on your USB drive.

Download HJSplit.

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