What is a DAA file? How to Open a DAA file?

by vbb on August 5, 2009

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As already discussed we have many CD/DVD image formats which are exact replica of a CD/DVD to be used without a physical disc.DAA file is one of them.We have already seen how to open CUE,BIN,ISO,NRG or UIF file.

According to Wiki, Direct Access Archive, or DAA, is a proprietary file format developed by PowerISO Computing for disk image files,hence you will not be able to get many freewares to open a DAA file.

But here we are going to open a DAA file with Freeware tool by first converting to an ISO format and then opening the ISO file

What are DAA files?

DAA files are used for archiving large ISO image files.The specialty of this format is support for password protection,multiple volume splittingĀ  along with data compression.

How to Open a DAA file?

Again we are going to use tools developed by Luigi Auriemma, as we used in converting a UIF file to ISO file.

Here he has a tool for converting a DAA file to ISO file which you can download here.Unzip the ZIP file and run DAA2ISO.exe.

You have to first navigate to the folder where you kept the daa file and then specify the folder where you want to keep the converted ISO file.

You will get the following screen which converts daa to iso.

free daa to iso converter

Once it is converted to ISO format you can simply open it using MagicDisc(Freeware) as described here.

Download DAA2ISO.(Freeware ZIP file 50KB)

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