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by vbb on March 31, 2009

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By default all folders you make in Windows have same icons.Suppose you have an important folder and want to make it look different then you can customize it.You can set different icons for say a video folder,a document folder and so on.But this simple process takes time to accomplish.

Folder marker gives you freedom to easily customize your folders based on priority of work to be done.You also have predefined icons for work files,important files,temporary files and so on.Thus you can categorize your folders just at a glance and improve folder organization.

Better Folder Organization-Free Folder Marker Tool

Folder Marking Tool

Folder Marker makes the task of folder customization an easy job by adding a context menu.Whenever you right click a folder, you get options to set a custom icon based on priority or nature of files or simply you can apply a different color to it.

Salient Features-

  • You can change icon/color of a folder in single mouse click.
  • Folder Marker can mark folders by priority, degree of work complete and type of the information contained in a folder.Thus you can have different styled folders for a work half done,or a temporary folder or a private folder.


  • You can add custom icons to the user icon set.
  • You can customize multiple folders at once.
  • You can change ALL folders of your system.

Here are some folder decorated using Folder Marker.

This software also has a home and Professional version which provide additional features and right to use it at office.

But for basic home purpose the free version seems to be sufficient.If you want to organize your folders efficiently ,using this tool religiously can help you a lot.

Know more and Download Folder Marker.And say about how useful it is to you.

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