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by vbb on April 21, 2009

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Even if you are not a blogger,you will often need to compress/resize or optimize an image for either posting to your social network profile or for e-mailing them to your friends.There are many tools available for image optimization but majority of them are highly commercial software like Adobe  Photoshop (where you have “optimize for web”).RIOT(Radical Image Optimization Tool) is a freeware tool for your image optimization needs.

RIOT – Radical Image Optimization Tool

Mostly image optimization uses any algorithm to compress file size while maintaining adequate quality.What matters here is the algorithm.RIOT uses many algorithms to optimize an image.Its preview feature enables you  to see the optimized/modified image side by side with the original file.It also has different algorithms for different file types such as jpeg or png.

Image Optimization Tool-RIOT

Salient features of RIOT

  • Multiple image file format support.
  • Live preview of resulting image.
  • It has options to remove metadata like EXIF info associated with an image.
  • Uses many known resample filters like Lanczos3, bicubic etc.
  • compress files to desired file size.

The best feature I liked was the last one.As you can see below you have an option to set the desired file size and the program will compress it to the set file size.The above optimized image is the result of a set file size of 100KB.

Compress to desired file size-RIOT

It also has simple image manipulation like horizontal and vertical image flipping and image rotation.It not only supports simple bitmap images but also Adobe PSD files.And what’s more ,the program is included in one of the best image viewer ‘Irfan View’ as a plug-in.To know more and download this freeware ,visit the official web page below-

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