What is a UIF file and How to Open it?

by vbb on August 3, 2009

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For various reasons it becomes important to make exact replica of your CD/DVD.This is not the usual copy paste methods but it’s known as making an IMAGE of the disk.Some popular image formats like ISO,BIN,CUE,have been already discussed here.

UIF is another image format for the CD/DVD media  which offers some advantage over the conventional image formats like compression,password protection etc.Here is a Freeware program which can  open or decompress UIF format.

What is a UIF file?

UIF or Universal Image Format is another format in which an exact replica of a CD/DVD can be made.Apart from being just another CD/DVD image format it offers the following features-

  • Data Compression–This format allows data to be compressed while creating the  image.
  • Data Encryption—You can create the image in encrypted format.
  • Password Protection—You can protect your UIF image disc by keeping it secure by password.
  • Multisession disc support
  • Support for MD5 checksum.

How to Open an UIF file?

The process of opening a UIF file involves the process of decompressing it.When it decompresses ,normally it is converted to ISO image format which can be opened easily.Read here if you do not know how to open an ISO file.


How to decompress a UIF file:

A freeware tool to decompress UIF file is Magic Disc Virtual CD/DVD manager.When you download and install the program it will sit in the system tray.

Right click on the MagicISO icon and select “decompress UIF image” as shown in the figure.

When you select ‘decompress UIF image’ you will get a window asking for the location of UIF image and where to save the decompressed file.

Navigate to the folder where you have kept the UIF file and also specify where to keep the decompresses image which will be an ISO image file by default.

The process is very fast and soon you get an ISO file which can easily be opened by using the same program.

decompress UIF file

Alternate Program to open UIF file

If this program does not decompress or you do not want to use this ,you can use UIF2ISO which converts a UIF image to ISO image. Don’t worry looking at the black DOS interface in the screenshot.It’s a simple program which also has similar steps as illustrated above.

uif to iso converter

The process of opening /mounting an ISO file is already discussed here using the same program.So you can now enjoy your UIF file as usual.

Download Magic DIsc Virtual CD/DVD manager

Download UIF2ISO

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partho August 4, 2009 at 8:52 am

Thank you for this man.But my downloading spree is giving me many formats unknown to me.I downloaded a .DAA file.How can I open it? My friend told that this is also an image format but didn’t get success opening with the tool you said here.


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