How to open an ISO,BIN,CIF or cue file?

by vbb on May 24, 2009

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You got a CIF file from an Internet download or a BIN file from your friend who gave it to you saying it was a movie-it can make you puzzled if you don’t know how to open it.

These files are basically “images” of complete CD/DVD and conventionally can only be opened by CD/DVD burning applications.But many times you need only to watch the file and not burn it.Then you should know how to open them without burning.Here is a simple method to open them using  a freeware application -MagicISO.


In simple terms they are complete replica of a CD/DVD .They are created CD/DVD burning applications by copying an entire disc in such a way that it becomes a single file even if the CD/DVD contains multiple files.

How to open these files-

These files are mostly used by CD/DVD burners.Here is a simple Freeware utility which can be used to open these files.

MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Manger

In this program you get ‘Magic Disc-a Freeware.The main task of this program is to mount the CUE/BIN/CUE /ISO file as a virtual CD/DVD.And thus you get the file as if it is being read by your CD/DVD ROM.

How to use the program

Just install the program.Upon installation it will add an extra CD/DVD ROM drive on your “My Computer’ area.So if you already have a DVD drive as drive F, it will add another drive named G which will also be a CD/DVD Rom but used only by this program.It will also sit at the system tray area after installation.Windows may also pop up Found New Hardware message during installation.

To mount an image (to open image files) you have to just right click at the magic ISO icon in the system tray.Click at ‘virtual CD/DVD ROM->No media->Mount.It will ask the location of the file which you want to open.Just select the desired file and you are done.It will mount the image file.This process is also shown in the following figure.MagicISO CD/DVD virtual disc manager

Now just go to “My Computer ” and you can open virtual CD/DVD ROM drive as you do with a normal CD/DVD.You can run programs, play games, or listen to music from your virtual CD-ROM.

This program is a Freeware and can handle almost all types of image files such as CIF/NRG/ISO/BIN/DAA etc.

Download MagicDisc

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