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by vbb on March 16, 2009

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Living in the password age,it’s fairly common for people to password protect a document and then to forget it. People working in offices usually protect their word,excel,pdf or zip files using password.If you forget the password ,then there is no way to recover it unless you are able to put your brain inside any  password scanner.

Most of the software which try to crack the password are commercial and cost a lot.But here is a freeware password recovery software for word and excel files which has almost all the features of a commercial software.

Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard


The software tries to recover the password by two methods.

Dictionary Attack Method-If you remember that the password you entered for the intended file can appear in a dictionary then this is a good approach as it tries the words contained in  a standard English dictionary.

Brute Force Attack-IF your password contains special characters or non dictionary words then Brute Force attack may help you.It tries every combination of letters,numerals and special characters for recovery of password.However this approach is very resource intensive and can take even hours of recovering a long password.

Salient Features

  • Includes a standard dictionary for dictionary recovery wizard.
  • Brute Force attack is possible for up to 8 characters which includes all letters, small and caps,numerals and special characters.I found this software to be useful for password length of up to 5 characters which also included special character as it was recovered in a reasonable time.

Know More and Download Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard.

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