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by vbb on March 14, 2009

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While shopping online,you have to enter your credit card data or when you login to your internet bank account for some work you will need to type your user name and password.At all these instances you are prone to theft of your identity.Anybody with  malicious intention can record your keystrokes and get your user name,password and credit card number.The act of this recording is known as “KEY-LOGGING”.They are very dangerous.Even more so because it is fairly possible that your trusted antivirus solution may not recognize any small software as a key logger.

To protect your keystrokes from being logged, some software are available.Here is a free one which is basically an add on for Firefox and IE.

Key Scrambler

What this software does is encryption between the path from keyboard strokes to internet.This is where any key logger programs sits .Let’s  understand it by an illustration.

Anti Key Logger Working

As you can see,when you type something on your keyboard ,normally it travels through the path shown by a blue arrow.In between this path a key logger program can sit and catches your keystrokes.Once you install Key Scrambler it encrypts the keystrokes at the hardware level(yellow rectangle) and they are decrypted (again shown by a yellow rectangle) just before they are sent to internet.Here if a key logger programs is in between the green encrypted path,it will catch only the encrypted keystrokes and thus your login password or anything  you enter is protected.

Salient Features

  • Available as a browser add on for Firefox,IE and Flock for FREE!
  • Also has paid versions which includes protection for IM and many other clients.
  • Protect you from any known or unknown key logger.

Once installed it sits at the corner of your browser window showing that your program is protected and shows you the encrypted keystrokes as you type.


Photo Credit-orangeacid

Download Key Scrambler .Download as Firefox add on.

Just install and type anything without worry of being logged.

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