Encrypt and Decrypt Files Quickly and Easily

by vbb on July 27, 2009

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TrueCrypt is no doubt one of the best Free Encryption Softwares which can protect you data from prying eyes.The only downside of the program is the time it takes to set it up and the process you need to follow to open it.While the process is easy –it takes some time and somehow new users find it tough to use TrueCrypt.

For instantaneous file encryption and decryption  Best Crypto is a straightforward Freeware Application which is very easy to use.

Encrypt/Decrypt Your Files Quickly

Best Crypto (SmartPhoneWare.com) is a portable application by (hence you can carry it in your USB drive anywhere) and performs only two task –Encryption and Decryption of Files.It does not any option to choose any encryption algorithm as most encryption softwares provide.

The usage is simple.Just choose “Encrypt files” It will open an explorer window from where you can select an individual or multiple files.(In order to select multiple files Press Control Key while selecting)

Best Crypto

The program asks for a password while encrypting which you will need while decrypting them.

The files are quickly encrypted and cannot be opened by any other application.

The program comes in handy when you want to encrypt files quickly and don’ care about the strength of encryption.A good software for beginners.

Download BestCrypto (Exe file -270KB)

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