Delete Your Files Securely Beyond Recovery

by vbb on July 2, 2009

in Freewares

As already explained ,your deleted files can be recovered easily.This way your data may never be safe as it may be recovered by means of software if acted within time.Hence it’s very important to delete important data in such a way that it cannot be recovered.This can be done by various software which even provide  military grade data erasing service.Here is a Freeware Program which does the job of securely deleting your files.

Unrecoverable File Deletion

File shredder as the name suggests,shreds the file in various bits and pieces and then rewrites the data space with random 0 and 1s several times which makes it almost impossible to be recovered.

file shredder

The navigation menu is simple to understand and use and the shredder algorithm is easy to configure.It gives five levels of shredding which include simple one pass shredding to Guttmann algorithm with 35 passes.It can also shred free space on your hard disk.You can shred a single file or a folder at once.It even supports drag and drop feature.

All of us have some personal/important data on our computer  and it’s best to delete it with File Shredder whenever required.

Download File Shredder.

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