Defrag Your HDD-Simple and Effective way

by vbb on March 27, 2009

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Defragmentation is an important activity many people tend to overlook. It is an  easy task which is now made easier with many tools available. Defraggler is one such freeware tool which is extremely easy to use and has many features.

This tool is developed by Piriform Group who have earlier developed a very useful tool, Ccleaner .Apart from normal disk defragmentation task,Defraggler is able to perform the task at file and folder level.

Defrag files with ease-Defraggler

Simple defrag with Defraggler

Salient Features-

  • It can defrag not only a single drive but single files and folder while other defrag utilities perform action on drive level only.
  • It lists all the fragmented files.
  • Defrags RAID drives.
  • Can run from a USB drive and has vista support.

Using Defraggler

Using Defraggler is very easy.When you run the application it lists all the disk drives on your cdefrag3omputer.Select the drive which you want to defrag and then click ‘Analyze Drive from the “action” menu as shown in figure.After analysis it lists all the fragmented  files and folders.

Now you can defrag the whole drive or a folder.

You can also select a single file to defrag which is its unique feature.Single file to defrag

You can see in the figure that I have selected a single file to defrag.


Other features of this utility include scheduling so you don’t have to remember when to defrag the disk.Just schedule and forget.


Download Defraggler and Know more about Defraggler.

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