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by vbb on June 10, 2009

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Many people are fastidious about how their icons are placed on the desktop.They get furious if somebody fiddles around and changes the desktop icon positions.

For them here is Icon Restorer.A freeware utility which saves the desktop icon positions and restores them on demand.

Save and Restore your Icon Position

Save and Restore your Icon Position

As you can see from the image that mainly you have options to Save and Restore your desktop Icon Position.You can either manually save it when you have arranged the icons in a manner that pleases you or the program can auto save the layout at specified intervals.If you need to change the display resolutions,they are also logged and saved as different layouts.

To test the program,I cleaned my desktop clutter and saved the icon position from the program.Here it is how does it looks.


Keeping the desktop wallpaper at center ,I have arranged the icons all around it.Now to test it I manually saved the desktop layout and then rearranged the icon positions.

restore icon positions

All the backups are listed here with time.After fiddling with icon positions ,I just selected the layout saved and restored it.And… no point in guessing ..the icons were now at the previous places.

It’s really a nifty freeware for everybody.Your grandma (and even my office boss) will find it useful because they are accustomed to see an icon at a place and can get irritated if they do not find it there sometime after.Or you should really have it if your children are now able to move desktop icons!

Download IconRestorer

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