Simple and Free Test for checking Conficker Infection



Yesterday’s post was about removal tools for conficker worm,which can be used for removing the worm from your system.But given the symptoms,it was not easy to determine whether your system is infected with Conficker or not?

Here are two really simple ways to check for Conficker infection.One tool is released by McAfee and other by the Conficker Working Group.

Conficker Infection Checking Methods

1.Conficker Eye Chart

This chart, named an eye chart -as it resembles an eye chart, is released by Conficker Working Group.It is very simple to use.Just visit the following page-

Conficker Eye ChartThis page contains a chart like an eye test chart but in actual- contains logos of some antivirus companies and some alternative operating systems.As already said,if your computer is infected then you will  not be able to visit antivirus’ sites and hence the chart will not be rendered properly on your computer,detecting the presence of the worm.

2.McAfee Conficker Detection Tool

Released by McAfee-This tool checks you network interface and TCP ports to detects the presence of worm.According to Readme file with the tool-

McAfee has developed this free utility to help identify systems infected with W32/Conficker.worm.  The detection technique employed by the tool relies on TCP port 445 being open.  If this port is firewalled or blocked in any way, then the presence of Conficker may not be detected and no result will be shown for the system in question.

Download Download McAfee Conficker Detection Tool

Using the above tools can help you make sure that your computer is infected or not.

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