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by vbb on March 1, 2009

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system hardware

To know about the hardware details on a computer,the traditional method goes by visiting Control Panel=>System=>General,where you get to know Processor and RAM installed(shown in figure).Digging deep you can visit Device Manager on the same system=>hardware,which can give you a list of hardware,including some details about them.

But sometimes you want to know everything about your hardware,from Motherboard model number to BIOS version and open ports to loaded DLL files,then you must use any special tool.There are plenty of tools available for the purpose but many of them tend to be understood by geeks only.Not everyone of us is a geek and here is a tool which just completes the task in hand without being too geeky.System Information for Windows(SIW) is the program which displays detailed information about your computer under following categories.

Software Information

Includes details about operating system like serial numbers,installed codec installed software open processes loaded DLLs etc.

Hardware Information

Details about motherboard,BIOS,CPU,memory etc.

Network Information includes details about network cards,open ports etc.

It also has miscellaneous tools like monitor test,password asterisk reveler and can also be used for monitoring usage of  CPU,memory,page file or network.

Salient Features of SIW

  • Apart from an installer ,it also has a standalone version which It does not require installation means you can carry it on your USB drive and can use it anywhere.
  • It’s Freeware for personal use.However it also has a paid version called Technician version which has some additional capabilities and can be used for commercial purpose
  • It can generate HTML report.

To know the full potential of the program you have to use it for some time as it also has some nifty utilities like converting CUE to ISO.Read complete details and download SIW here.

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SRIKANT NAYAK October 14, 2010 at 5:53 pm

sir, i have a Samsung F-305 model, but your sofware not support my moblie. Hence it is requested that pelase send me the saftware please.


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