ISRO Bhuvan Launched-Download and Watch India's Answer to Google Earth

by vbb August 14, 2009

It’s giant leap for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).Already in the news for Chandrayan Mission-they have hit the headlines by launching the pure Indian version of something we have known as Google Earth for quite some time. ISRO –Bhuvan is in their terms is –“Indian Earth Observation Visualization” which is basically the complete virtual […]

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5 Portable Standalone Free FLV Players to Play FLV File Anywhere

by vbb August 10, 2009

You may have the best FLV player installed on your computer but sometimes you need to play an FLV file sitting on a cyber cafe or a friend’s computer which does not have an FLV player. So here are 5 free FLV players which you can carry anywhere on your USB drive and enjoy FLV […]

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Get Google Chrome Themes and More Speed from Chrome Beta 3

by vbb August 9, 2009

A week ago Google released Beta version 3 of its popular browser Google Chrome..This new version comes with support for extensions and themes. Apart from simple eye candy enhancement on the homepage it supports themes and Google has launched Themes Gallery with more than 25 themes to select.Moreover it gets about 30% speed enhancement over […]

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15 Resources To Trace Mobile Numbers in India

by vbb August 7, 2009

Earlier you have only a few  websites which provided feature to track/trace mobile number locations but now the number of such provides have grown manifold.Here is a list of 15 resources from where you can trace the location of mobile number /caller. Some  of them also provide international number tracing services. Needless to say you […]

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Download Google Chrome Offline Installer Standalone Full Setup

by vbb August 6, 2009

Google Chrome has been around for almost 1 full year and its popularity is on the rising trend.Currently the latest stable version is while the latest beta is version 3.0. The main catching feature is the speed it offers and the minimalistic look. If you have been late at catching up the Google Chrome […]

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Now Get Mobile Banking from SBI-FreedoM

by vbb August 6, 2009

Almost all popular banks such as ICICI,HSBC,HDFC provide mobile banking service.The largest bank SBI(State Bank of India ) was late to catch up the trend but now it has joined the mass of banks who provide mobile banking services. SBI has launched mobile banking services under the brand name of SBI-FreedoM.Through this you can carry […]

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What is a DAA file? How to Open a DAA file?

by vbb August 5, 2009

As already discussed we have many CD/DVD image formats which are exact replica of a CD/DVD to be used without a physical disc.DAA file is one of them.We have already seen how to open CUE,BIN,ISO,NRG or UIF file. According to Wiki, Direct Access Archive, or DAA, is a proprietary file format developed by PowerISO Computing […]

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What is a UIF file and How to Open it?

by vbb August 3, 2009

For various reasons it becomes important to make exact replica of your CD/DVD.This is not the usual copy paste methods but it’s known as making an IMAGE of the disk.Some popular image formats like ISO,BIN,CUE,have been already discussed here. UIF is another image format for the CD/DVD media  which offers some advantage over the conventional […]

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Now Get NERO 9 Absolutely FREE!

by vbb August 2, 2009

Nero was one of my favorite app before it included a lot of accessories and became a commonly cited example of a Bloatware.Also I forgot Nero as there are many free CD/DVD burners available-some of them even perform better than Nero. However if you are a NERO fan then it’s a good news that it […]

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How to Backup and Restore Messages,Contacts and Everything from a Nokia Mobile

by vbb July 31, 2009

Having a backup of your mobile phone contacts and data is very important for various reasons.Even if you lose you mobile you can have all the contacts in the backup stored on your computer which can be restored.Or you will need to backup your mobile prior to resetting your phone to factory defaults for various […]

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