How to Use the Inbuilt Task Manager in any Nokia Mobile

by vbb on June 14, 2009

in Nokia 5800,Tips & Tricks

Almost all new  Nokia Phones come with an inbuilt  task manager which lets you see the currently open programs, switch between them  or kill them as you do in your computer.

Although there are more powerful task manager for Nokia phones which you can download but in normal cases the default task manager does the job well.

Here is how to use it.

Activation Task Manager in Nokia Mobile

In Nokia 5800,all the running application are shown by a green circle by default, as you can see in the picture below.

Task Manager for Nokia

Task Manager for Nokia Mobiles

Long press the menu key to activate Task Manager.In case of Nokia 5800,press the middle white button.Pressing it for almost 3 seconds will bring the list of all open programs as you can see in the second picture..To open or exit any shown application

select it and tap it for a while(Long Tap)..It will pop up  a menu which says either exit or open. You can select exit to kill the application or open to resume application.

For non touch screen mobiles,the steps are same except the last one.When applications are shown,just press “C” to exit it or select the application and press open from the menu keys.

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